And the Oscar for Best Gym on my journey to getting fit goes to , Colosseum Gym & that young man that open's up every morning @ and sometimes before 5:00 a.m. See I have to give him the Oscar because it allows me to workout and get to work on time. This has been the best almost two months of hard working out that I have ever done in my life and it's because people like you all care about the community. Thank you for being so pleasant, thank you for looking out for other's it take a very special person to get up that early for other's and never have a attitude when I see him. I thank I thank you.

Balena Ali


Like millions of women in the United States I gained a lot of weight when I got pregnant, seventy five pounds to be exact. I did manage to lose some on my own with just dieting but throughout the years it would creep back on. I noticed a change in me, not a good one, always sick, couldn't keep up with my kids and I even became very insecure. I complained all the time but never did anything about it and I always had a million excuses of why I couldn't. My husband had been a gym member for a couple years and he suggested I join but of course I said " I don't have time or a sitter so I couldn't."


Early May 2010 my husband convinced me to take a tour of the gym just to see if I would like it. When I got there I was a little apprehensive, wasn't sure what to expect. It was a nice place with good equipment and a lot new things where coming plus with a great price and daycare I joined. I started slow doing cardio and some weights about three days a week. I lost about five pounds and I felt great. Then one Tuesday in July I noticed a new class EFA, so I decided it wouldn't hurt to try it. This day truly changed my life, I met my Coach Mr. Samad Haq. He introduced me to Muay Thai boxing, immediately I was hooked and in just seven weeks I lost a total of twenty two pounds. Not only had my appearance changed but I was so much stronger physically and mentally. Not to mention my flexibility, I could literally kick someone in the head. My confidence sky rocketed, I could protect myself and children against attackers if I needed to and insecurity was a thing of the past.


I'm full of energy I run around with my kids and dog and this is the healthiest I've ever been or felt my whole life. Whenever I see people that I haven't seen in a while they're always shocked by my transformation. I've met so many new friends and The EFA team is my new family and I can forget to mention The Colosseum staff, you guys are so friendly and welcoming. I could not have done this without Colosseum Gym, Thank you can't express how much I appreciate all the support. Vinny, Christina, Chip, all the girls in the daycare and all the other names I can't remember cause I'm so bad at remembering names Thanks so much, Love you guys! Oh and I especially can't forget Mr. Haq my Coach, my Friend, my Brother, my Father, my Everything Love, Love, Love, Love, Love you thank you for believing and seeing in me what I couldn't even imagine. Thank you for existing and I'm indebted to you until my last breath. Thanks again and may god bless all of you. LOVE COLOSSEUM GYM!

Much love Tigerlilly


I am currently and was on unemployment months ago! I extend my situation to the Colosseum family and was extended a free 3 month membership and some training sessions! Which truly touched my heart! Unfortunately I still didn't find employment and was unable to maintain my membership on my own.

But during such a difficult time the kindness of Vinny, Christina and total stuff was overwhelmingly kind and touching! I think Vinny may have gotten tired of me saying thank you everything I saw him(SMILE)...

My time @ the gym is the best I felt about myself in a very long time. One day I hope to be back! That is my GREAT EXPERIENCE @ the Colosseum Gym...and I saw the advertising commercial on BET last night!!! Big Things...

Adria Kelly


To The Colosseum Gym:

Just a short letter to say â˜Thank Youâ™ for the assistance given to me over the past 12 weeks in my effort to regain good health, shape my body, and at the same time lose weight. A special thank you to Vincent Laracca Jr. for allowing Clear View Baptist Church members this blessed opportunity

As one gets older, the ability to achieve and maintain good health becomes more and more difficult with the demands and pressures of everyday living, and letâ™s not forget finding the right facility to meet your needs. However I am very please to endorse your gym. Hereâ™s why:

> The environment is designed with people like me in mind.
> The staff, especially Johnny Arroyo, are friendly, informative,
and went extra steps to help patrons meet their goals
> The equipment is really suited for beginners like me.
> The music that the DJ plays on Monday is an extra treat.

With the help of your staff I was able to lose over 30 pounds. I feel like a new person, plus, now Iâ™m able to wear clothes that were several sizes smaller. Oh what a wonderful feeling!!

Once again please accept my thanks and gratitude for all the help given in achieving my present weight, size, and happy state of mind. May god bless all of you. 

Mamie Marx
Clear View Baptist Church
Newark, NJ


To the entire staff at Colosseum: I have had nothing more to say about your establishment other than, "What a Great Gym", that is until now.

I had bariatric surgery almost two years ago.  I was 412lbs when I decided to have the surgery and was 405 on the day of the surgery.  For approximately 18 mos., the surgery did all the work.  I work out and have done the treadmill with victory.  I went from 1.5 at 0 incline to 3.2 at 3 incline.  Three weeks ago I met a friend who joined the gym to help me prepare for this class.   In three weeks, I am now able to do the treadmill at 3.5 speed and 10 incline. 'WOW".  I am proud of myself at such small tasks and such great results.   

I can't express how excited I am to see where this fit camp will take me in six weeks.   Everyone has been exceptional with motivation, generosity, genuine concern and not to mention all of you are good looking..LOL....Trust me, it helps when your teachers and motivators are examples of what's to come.  With all of that being said, although you may see the eyes blinking and the head nodding, it is truly not because I am not enjoying myself because I truly am.  It's because, I said goodbye to one chapter and am excited to say goodbye to this one. 

This one to me is the most important, because although I am an avid dancer, "Michael Jackson wanna be", I am taking my body to another plateau where it has never been.  As kids we jump, play, run because we are hyper.  We don't realize the good it is doing to our bodies.  Although I am no longer a kid, my heart and soul is child like and with this class and Colosseum gym, I should have no problem fitting in with them on a physical level .  LOL   Thanks with sincerity for all your help and I will justly make you proud.  Trust me!  

Vinny this idea was absolutely brilliant.  You will really be successful with this. We need to publicize this more.  Johnnie, your personality is that of a perfect gentleman.  I feel so good when you are around me.  Mark, your such a flirt but it works.  Thanks for being so insightful.  Juan, is always smiling and professional and really makes me feel special.  Addie, you are a hard worker and always helpful with informing me with what's going on.  Herman, you are gentle spirit , soft spoken and humble person with a great smile. 

 Your awesome, I better watch out for you.  Vinnie, again, you are brilliant and an inspiration.  Your inspiring spirit is motivating me to be able to challenge you one day.  Maybe you should be competing somewhere.  I am proud of all of you and even more proud to be a part of your establishment.   Now promote Nicki whom all of you should fear because she is 'FABULOUS. 
Very Truly,

Miss Brenda D. Tappins


Dear Vincent,

I popped upstairs to see how the locker room is doing and it looks great! Kudos to your Dad! Love the color, too.

I feel so great, even on my worst days, coming to your gym.

People have been consistently nice. There's one young man
who gets me smiling every time. It's funny.

I should be at your gym right now!!!!! No matter how much I might not want to leave the house, it is my mission!

Thank you so much.

Now, don't answer unless you have a burning desire to say something! I am retired, you are working - I understand. But, I will come to you if I need you and I know you are there. Have a colossal day.

Pat Pascuite


Dear Vincent (cont),

It's only down the block so is convenient for me. I came in with a special for the year and that made it very affordable. The workers are excellent. I probably don't know them all, but the ones I have dealt with have always made me feel special. I've had questions for them and they have always been helpful. I feel very safe but I go during the day, so far. I know programs are available but I haven't tried them yet. I've been a member roughly 3 months. Ironically, I've been going very regularly with a day or two break...and just took a breather for four days..I think...must go...Rome wasn't built in a day! There's always a piece of equipment to use. I don't use the locker room yet but am looking forward to the sauna and will use it then. They did a beautiful job renovating the locker room. I'm a sixty-two year old retired female. I've never belonged to a gym and have found that I can't live without it. I can feel the difference!
Oh, and I think the music really gets you pumped!

Just mark down ten for everything....LARACCA ROCKS!

Pat Pascuite